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Some hints

A touch of Italy in your life
Like the old times...


A long time ago,I was walking in the small village and I noticed there was a glass outside the window with linen seeds and water. I was wondering why and the old people told me the story: since for ever they used to let  it sit all night long and in the morning time they would drink it before breakfast, it cleanses the toxines from the body. I do this daily and I tell you it works!

Cutting chicory

The best chicory is found from january to march, the new leaves are rich in minerals and they  are tender. Harvesting it in the fields it is a natural tranquilizer, you do exercise outdoor, and  you enjoy the nature.  


These are precious "shy guys", to find them is very hard job but once you taste them you can understand why it's worth spending time and patience to look for them.

They are concentration of minerals, we eat them raw with extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and salt. That's it!


"Crocus Sativus" is a bulb from mediterranean area. The word comes from arabia: za-faran, it is called "oro rosso" as well, we collect the stigmas in october, then we let them dry and we store them in a dry place. This spice is rich in betacarotene; it has analgesic and sedative properties, we use it to prepare the famous "risotto alla milanese" and many more dishes.


Truffle is the only tuber found underground with the help of dogs and pigs. The truffle  is precious and very expensive food. The typical penetrating and persistent aroma develops when is ripe  and is designed to attract wild animals (pig, wild boar, badger, dormouse, fox), in spite of the ground cover, to spread the spores contained and perpetuate the species.


Tuber magnatum pico is the "bianco", white,  is  the best, the more expensiveand has the most delicate flavour.

Tuber melanosporum vitt is the "nero", black, less expensive, more tasty.

Tuber aestivum vitt is the "scorzone", poor cousin of them, tasteless and  the most common.

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